Why Are Silicone Sex Dolls So Expensive?

By | October 24, 2023

Whether it is people who buy or prepare to buy realistic silicone sex dolls (mainly women), they all have a common feeling, why are the prices of realistic silicone dolls so expensive?

This should start with its material. At present, the materials of realistic silicone sex dolls mainly include silicone, TPE and other polymer materials, most of which are the first two. As far as raw materials are concerned, it is destined that she cannot be very cheap. These materials are very expensive. Even new materials such as TPE are many times more expensive than ordinary inflatable doll materials, let alone silicone.

It’s actually technology and craftsmanship. adult silicone sex dolls first became popular in the United States and Japan. Due to technical, material, profit and other reasons, the initial price is even as high as about 20,000 US dollars! This destined her to be extraordinary. Although TPE materials are very popular now, due to profit reasons, we psychologically understand that for the sake of profit, it is impossible to make them cheaply.

Finally, there is the feeling of use. The realistic silicone love doll has a beautiful appearance, is carefully dressed, and is not far from the real person. Therefore, it can not only satisfy our sexual needs, satisfy our physiological needs, let us vent our desires, but also rise to the spiritual level. Satisfy our psychological needs and bring us more satisfaction, even a sense of accomplishment, etc.

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