ESDoll Uncovers The Unsatisfying Sex Lives Of Couples With Buying Sex Doll

Top online adult sex shop platform explores the pervasive discontent in couples’ sex lives. In response to a recent Decoding Desire survey of nearly 2,000 respondents, ESDoll found that 70% of men and women were not satisfied with the current state of their sex lives, with the survey revealing a variety of factors contributing… Read More »

AI Sex Dolls Showcasing Charm Across Various Industries

AI sex dolls are shining in various industries, not just because of their adorable appearance, but also due to their versatility and adaptability. In the medical field, Medical TPE sex dolls are used as training tools, assisting doctors and nurses in improving their skills and proficiency. By simulating real-life situations, medical personnel can perform various… Read More »

Sex Dolls: Modern Psychologists for Emotional Support

Sex Dolls Accompany And Alleviate Loneliness And Anxiety In modern society, as the pace of life accelerates and stress mounts, many people find themselves experiencing loneliness and anxiety. To alleviate this psychological pressure, a burgeoning form of therapist has emerged – sex dolls. Sex dolls are highly realistic human-lifelike sex toys, not only in appearance… Read More »

How to Avoid Deformation Issues with AI Sex Dolls

Deformation problems with sex dolls have always been one of the important concerns for their users. Since AI sex dolls are made of materials such as silicone, deformation issues mainly refer to changes or distortions in the doll’s shape that occur during use. Deformation issues with AI sex dolls can be caused by various reasons.… Read More »

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your First Sex Doll

When you decide to enter the world of sex dolls and want to buy your first sex doll, whether for companionship, collecting, or other purposes, the initial buying experience can be a bit overwhelming. The market offers a variety of female adult doll brands, each with different qualities, prices, and brand reputations. How do you… Read More »

Full-Body Silicone & TPE Sex Dolls vs. Half-Body Sex Dolls

In the sex doll market, consumers often face the choice between two options: full-body European and American sex dolls and half-body sex dolls. Each type of doll has its own characteristics, suitable for different occasions and needs. This article will provide a detailed comparative analysis of full-body and half-body sex dolls to assist consumers in… Read More »

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Silicone Sex Dolls?

Many people may struggle with a question: where to buy adult silicone sex dolls? amazon or other online other adult sex store? Where is it safer, more private, and less likely to be discovered? Before answering this question, let’s consider what concerns people most when buying adult silicone sex dolls—namely, safety, quality, and privacy. Platform… Read More »